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BlackBerry Z10 – A Sturdy Handset with a Decent Build Quality and Functional Layout

BlackBerry, once one of the top companies of the mobile market, is on again. The Canadian smartphone maker has culled all innovation and technology to produce its winner phone – BlackBerry Z10. Putting a stake on the fast and functional BB 10 OS, BlackBerry managed to amaze the market (and its competitors) with a sturdy handset with a decent build quality and functional layout. Read on to find about advantages of the world’s most intuitive smartphone.

The BlackBerry Z10 is unimaginable without the BB10 OS that is one of its most evident strong suits. BB10 is built around e-mail and communication, so it is no wonder that such a useful feature as the Hub that collects all e-mails, texts, social network messages and updates in one place has found its way to the BlackBerry Z10. In addition to that, BB10 has introduced a new way of gesture control, highly intuitive and user-friendly. Multitasking features of the new OS are also excellent. In short, BB10 can definitely rival with Android, and iOS.

The smartphone itself is a beauty. Although it features general aesthetical design of many a smartphone these days, the smartphone is handy to grip and a pleasure to use. For example, if you miss a physical QWERTY keyboard, don’t worry – BlackBerry Z10 have done their job well. The device has an exceptional virtual keyboard equipped with a predictive text feature. All in all, an unassuming slab of black glass and plastic can offer its users tons of useful features.

The BlackBerry Z10 is already equipped with hundreds of useful apps (you can download over 70,000 apps from the new BlackBerry App world), such as Skype, Twitter, Angry Birds, and many more. However, if you miss “app abundance” of Android and iOS, don’t worry – chances are high that you won’t need apps at all. The thing is that the BlackBerry Z10 features BlackBerry Messenger, an excellent tool for free instant text and video messaging.

Once, BlackBerry mobile phones were a No. 1 choice for businessmen and businesswomen, and the new BlackBerry Z10 lives up to their expectations easily. Being a business-oriented smartphone, it has everything to help you by creating work and personal spaces. In short, the BlackBerry Z10 is a smartphone for corporate customers.

If you are not sure about choosing the BlackBerry Z10, consider the following: the smartphone has the highest level of personal and business data protection; it has up-to-date hardware and software; it features a powerful 8MP camera; it offers great browsing experience, and many more. All in all, the BlackBerry Z10 is a powerful, up-to-date device that humbles competitors in terms of data handling and business-related activities. Choose this inviting and intuitive device to manage your work quick and easy, shoot photos and videos, watch movies, entertain your kids, and lead a life of success and wonder.

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